At giron software, we take a lot of pride in our work and deliver top quality help and products. Regardless, a new project or an already ongoing production, we are experts at jumping straight into the mix.

Understanding your needs is very important to us and thus giving our best and unbiased opinions to your questions and problems is one of our main conserns. We believe we can help your project with our knowledge and ideas, but you will always have the final say. If you just want work done, we will deliver what is best for your project.

We understand the importance of great teamwork during development and believe to succeed it is essential to work as one - Great games are made together.

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We offer a vast area of development expertise for your project, anything from AI to Rendering. You can come to us with a problem and we will gladly come up with a plan to solve it. With an extensive knowledge pool from game development, we have a broad understanding of how a game works and how it interconnects with each system. Meaning we can see the big picture and how one area affects another.

We have extensive knowledge in areas like Rendering/Networking/Gameplay and have used many different languages and API's some of which are: C/C++, C#, HLSL, GLSL, DirectX, OpenGL/ES, Sockets and plenty more.

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Once we start working with you, we will either join in with your plan or come up with one to support your plan. We are there for you and from the get-go will involve ourselves in a way that suits you.

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If you have an idea and need a prototype, demo or even a vertical slice. Do not hesitate to contact us. We can create a plan with you to do any of these for you. Once you are satisfied, we can start working and you will be in control of everything. If something was not to your satisfaction, we will help you change that until you are satisfied. We are here to help YOU.

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We believe that crunching is generally a bad thing for a game in the long term. But as with all things it does happen and that sometimes it is vital for a game to succeed. This is something we can help you with. Crunching is not only about making content, but also to strengthen the team to be able to work under pressure.

We can help during crunches because we know that most companies do not want to go through the process of hiring someone for a short period of time. That is where we come in and can be ready on the fly. However, we cannot help you to crunch forever as this is a time-consuming and mentally draining task and everyone needs their rest to be able to create at their best.


Do not hesitate to contact us regarding any questions or problems you might have. We will get back to you as soon as we can.