Forged by the cold and dark winters of northern Sweden, Giron Software was founded in 2019 with the goal to create and help others create games. A good game is driven by passion and we have a great passion for games. With our 10+ years of experience within the gaming industry we decided to start a company which is driven by our love for games. We like to help others in their time of need to make sure that good games enter the market and also working on our own projects which we love to both create and play.

One of our great inspirations are the games of the 90s. We look to these and apply new concepts and ideas but keeping the core that made those games awesome.

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Our vision is to be able to produce our own games while also helping other’s with their game-projects. For we believe that knowledge is passed around as well as obtained by helping others and trying new solutions. That is why we enjoy taking on projects outside of our own comfort zones and push our limit as far as possible. "You never stop learning" is a motto we live by and embrace.

With this in mind we care for our projects. It does not matter if we own it. We will always treat them like they were just as important. That is why we always will deliver great results.

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We love making and playing games, located in the cold north sweden, We decided to start a company to do just this. In Giron software we have all played games since childhood and thus have a natural love to games and what makes them so fun. This love is a key concept for us to be able to make fun games. Creating games is more than just a creative side, for us it's a love an passion that will make it great. We want to help your project to broaden the pool of knowledge for both you and us and to produce the greatest games possible.

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Do not hesitate to contact us regarding any questions or problems you might have. We will get back to you as soon as we can.